We’ve Got Each Other

“Was it Ross?”

“No that’s not right,” he shook his head.


“Maybe we ought to take some of that stuff they advertise on T.V.,” my husband mused when both of us together couldn’t come up with the name which was “on the tip of our tongues.”

“What stuff?” I asked.

“Oh, you know those natural pills that make you skinny as a pencil and sharp as a tack.” 

Skinny as a pencil, sharp as a tack.

It had me thinking about the last time I felt either skinny or sharp, but I couldn’t remember it. skinny as a pencil and sharp as a tack Click To Tweet

That niggling elusive name neither of us could spit out bugged me. Neither skinny nor sharp, we walked together into the health clinic. Time had rolled around again for my husband’s yearly medicare evaluation. 

We settled into the little sterile examining room. 

“Don’t take the memory assessment,” I hissed, that misplaced name still batted against my brain cage.  

A young-enough-to-be-a-granddaughter-doctor greeted us and then she sat down in front of her important spot at the computer where she caught up on my husband from a year ago. It was likely noted in his last exam that he had recalled only two of the three memory test words.

“Two out of three’s not bad,” she’d said. 

Even though we’d laughed about it then, this time around we’d both agreed to pass on the evaluation offer, kind though I’m sure it was meant to be, and just move on. 

“So would you be willing to take the little memory assessment?” she asked. Here’s the part where he was supposed to reply in the negative.

“Sure,” he answered. 

I jerked my head up and glared at him. Failed already. 

“I’ll just give you three words, and later in the exam, I’ll ask you what they were,” the doctor said. 

Ok. It sounded easy enough. 

“Kitchen. Baby. Village.”

Kitchen, baby, village, my mind frantically whispered. The three words bounced against its inside walls like thrown dice. Kitchen, baby, village, kitchen, baby, village. 

“Do you feel safe in your environment?”

Kitchen, baby, village. 

“Let’s talk about exercise,” she invited. 

Kitchen, baby, village. 

“Are you ever short of breath?”

Kitchen, baby, village. 

“How’s your hearing?”

“Huh?” he asked with a grin. 

I glared harder and willed him not to forget the kitchen with a baby inside the village. His eyes twinkled. He smiled at me, at the seriousness with which I  obviously tried to use telepathy. Three fingers tapped against my thigh. I folded my hands on my lap and lifted three fingers with a little wave.

The doctor covered eyesight, cholesterol, basic aches and pains, and then out of the blue asked, “Do you still remember those three words?”

I held my breath. This was where last year he burst into laughter and pulled out two. 

“In the village there are babies in the kitchen,” my husband replied confidently.

The older I get, the more grateful I’ve become that God’s memory is different than ours. 

I am grateful that God has, in every way, perfect memory.

My husband and I left the doctor’s office, released to return the next year, and after rehashing where we parked the car, we headed in that direction. 

Looking at me across the roof of the navy Mazda, he exclaimed, “Russell!” God has, in every way, perfect memory Click To Tweet

We slid into our seats, happy the forgotten name had popped out during the day and not in the middle of the night … or during the doctor’s assessment.  

As we buckled up, we realized we would likely never be able to erase the three unforgettable words. Their cycle etched an unforgettable track in our brains. We might possibly remember them forever. We sat there for a while just thinking about the phenomena of memory and older age. 

“Hey, Baby,” I finally said, “It’s lunchtime. Let’s find a kitchen in this village.” 

Who needs skinny as a pencil and sharp as a tack when you’ve got each other. 

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  1. Daneen Campbell Reply

    Fear not, friends! Research has evidently found that it’s not loss of memory, it’s the time it takes to retrieve what we need. “They” say we have so much info packed in our brains it just takes a while to sift through it and retrieve what we need! And why should we be “skinny as a pencil”? I made the effort to lose a nice amount of weight and there were those who asked me if I had been sick! Lol

    • Sylvia Schroeder Reply

      Well there you go. I’m validated! Wouldn’t want to worry people by losing weight. And “it will come to me later,” just means there is sooooo much up there in my brain it needs to organize a bit before it pops to the front. Thank you Daneen.

      • Sylvia A Rogers Reply

        Yes, indeedy! 🙂

  2. Don Pahl Reply


  3. Nancy E. Head Reply

    Nice post, Sylvia. That elusive detail usually comes to me in the middle of the night.
    God bless!

    • Becky Rogerson Reply

      Love this!! What a great Valentine’s Day post!! Love and miss you so much!!! ❤️

      • Sylvia Schroeder Reply

        Thank you so much Becky! Miss you guys too! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  4. Chris Harms Reply

    Funny ! ! Those were the same words I had! I Wonder if they come out with a new chain of three every year? If so, we should pass along the information – If we can remember who is next in the line ? 😉

    Thanks mostly for the verses that speaks of God’s memory. It reminds me that Gods love for us is the most important and how much we really need HIM.

    Thank you dear friend, We are in there with you!

    • Sylvia Schroeder Reply

      Maybe we cheated the test now… Thanks so much for reading and responding!

  5. J.D. Wininger Reply

    I sometimes wonder if it’s my memory that’s failing or a reprioritization that’s happening. For me, the more impactful an event or lesson is, the easier it is to recall. Ever heard of Dr. Wilder Penfield my friends? He taught me to “Don’t believe everything I think.” I even keep a bumper sticker on my bookshelf to remind me of that truth. Truth, reminder. Those words remind me that truth is found in but one place. His Word, and I must hide it in my heart so that it becomes impactful in my life. God’s blessings and Happy Valentine’s day sweet couple. Love you both, in Christ, so much.

    • Sylvia schroeder Reply

      Thank you J.D. for your insight. I like the thought of reprioritization. And even more the importance of God’s Word. I love your reminder to hide it in our hearts. Thanks!

  6. Brenda Griswold Reply

    I have to do the three word test with some of my patients. I don’t wait real long to ask them to recall because while I’m asking them the other questions, I’m frantically trying remember the three words I asked them to remember! I try to ask things actually in the room so I have reminders! Ugh!! Love how you tied in God’s promises. Thank you so much!

    • Sylvia schroeder Reply

      That is hilarious! Again I’m so grateful God’s memory is perfect! Thanks Brenda!

  7. Katherine Pasour Reply

    I loved your message, Sylvia, and chuckled all the way through. When the doctor gave your hubby the three words, I began making sentences in my head to see if I’d remember at the end of your message. I got another good laugh when his sentence was very similar to mine. Yours is a humorous reminder that our thoughts and memories aren’t always perfect, but we know the One who is always trustworthy, faithful, and dependable–He doesn’t forget us. Thank you.

    • Sylvia schroeder Reply

      Thank you Katherine! That’s so funny that you did sentences too. He is always better than I am at that. I get lost in the sentence! Appreciate your thoughts!

  8. Marilyn Krehbiel Reply

    Absolutely, love this!!!! SOOOO glad to hear the excellent health report for Phil!!! Yes Soo eternally grateful God does not forget us!!!

  9. Jan Puffenberger Reply

    Apple, penny, table…still remember it from two weeks ago! Pretty good, however, my doctor always has the same three…😂 So glad the Lord forgets our sins, but remembers his promises! Thanks, Sylvia!

  10. Kathryn H. Reply

    Loved this post and all the comments. I feel like your readers are a host of friends I’ve not yet met.

    • Sylvia Schroeder Reply

      It’s always fun to hear from my readers! Thanks so much Katheryn for reading the post and responding. I’m so glad you enjoyed it!

  11. Nancy Reply

    This was so much fun I just had to read it to Bob. He asked if I wanted to make a baby in the kitchen!!! 😆

    So thankful that God’s memory is sharp as a tack!

  12. Cleo Waters Reply

    For years I’ve told myself that I could never pass one of those memory tests! So far I haven’t had to take one but I’ve witnessed someone else taking them. You are 100% correct that we can be assured that our God does not have a memory problem. We are in such good hands.