Month: July 2018

Borders thrive in fear of surrender.

Beyond My Borders

The struggle shows in the quiver of a cheek, tremor of lips, and an escaped tear. It comes with a mass of curls shading her face, falling forward with her bowed head. She hides behind its veil. Her chin tucked, she allows the torrent of fear washing over her to be known. Words spoken aloud […]

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Call Me Mara

“Call me Mara,” Naomi said.  Tragedy chiseled her face and spilled from her lips. Pleasant, the meaning of her name no longer fit.  Mara, suited her, for it meant “bitter.”    “I went out full and came back empty,” Naomi told them.  I know many Mara’s, women and men whose lives turned out so very […]

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“Mom, how will I know he’s the one?” – 5 Ways to Prepare Them for Marriage

The question will come. It did for us as she sat on my lap, her baby-soft hand moved my chin to look at her face. Big blue eyes searched mine, “Mom, how did you know Dad was the one?” The question dug into my heart. I knew how important it was to answer right, even though […]

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Superpowers, Heroes and Wrinkles

My grandson screeches around the room, his dark blue cape flies like a flag behind him. “Quick,” he says in a flutter of little feet and hands, “on the couch.” Because of course everyone knows that it takes a couch to make one safe from the wicked beings invading our world. “Get your feet out […]

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