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Mom, I’m such a sinner

Momma, is Jesus here?

When pretty does more than it ought

When a child worships

Christmas eyes

To tell or not to tell

What’s hiding

Scary sirens and simple prayer

Discipline Crashers

When children worry

Soak it up

Mother bear-ness

Meltdown dread

Communicating communion

Is your room clean?

The words of Christmas

Who’s to blame?

Not a mother like me

You can’t wear that!

Did you have your “Oceans”?

Lord teach us to pray

A day


Bedtime Battles

Keeping curiosity alive

Erasing the evidence



My jar is not empty

Building a family legacy one bedtime story at a time

Dear weary mama, look beyond

That one perfect moment will rescue us today

Don’t put your marriage on hold for their sake.

Is God still good when our child’s story is different than what we wanted for them?

Building a family legacy one bedtime story at a time

The simple power of connection tucked under the Christmas tree





I don’t want them to have a mother like me

That’s what Mom’s do

Will you still know me



Have you opened the door?

The No. 1 way to resolve your insecurities

Eight ways to a joyful mind

Are you a good lover?

How clean is your cup?

God goes there


Spring cleaning

In the In-Between

Strength clothed



My grandaughter’s light up shoes

Silvery words

With my whole heart

Hope running over

Breakfast with Jesus

Nourished to flourish

My real home

Who’s knocking?

Lessons learned from the sparrows