Month: September 2018

Straining Gnats and Swallowing Camels

Ugg, this time of year I fight a big battle with a tiny creature. What is it about autumn that calls all gnats in the Kansas City area into my kitchen like the plagues of Egypt?  Woe to the one who brings home the bananas.  “Blind guides,” Jesus rebuked in a litany of strikes against […]

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A Lesson in Mommy-Wisdom That Broke Through My Insecurities

It was a sincere question, “What are some weaknesses you see in my parenting?” I thought I really wanted to know. My husband and I were both twenty-three with a still-young marriage and a toddler. Although the question was honest, my reaction proved it was wrapped in a receiving blanket of pride infused insecurity… Read […]

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Hold My Hand

“Mommy?” Charity whispered into the dark still night. “Hold my hand.” I felt the soft skin of her little hand slide smoothly into mine. It fit perfectly, like it was meant to be there. The connection reached straight into my mommy heart. Together we picked our way through the rocky path toward the warm light […]

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