Month: September 2016

Politics and the Real Life

I confess. I yell at the TV. I’ve even thrown a pillow or two. Watching media news at our house looks much the same as watching a football game, albeit a very depressing one. Why watch you ask? It draws me like a mosquito to the zapper. I can’t help it. I react like a […]

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Invisible Me

She knelt by the bed as if in prayer, the soles of her pajama footies upturned, her little body in plain sight. A blanket covered her head. In two-year-old logic, if she couldn’t see me, I couldn’t see her. I called out in sing-song question, “Where is Amee?” She quivered, excitement boiled inside her, invisible […]

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My perspective has been askew recently, I think. The airplane dips its wing to the right in a slow descent arc above Genoa, Italy. I lean forward and gaze through a tiny oblong window. Below a thick white outline divides where waves and shore meet. A sail bobs. A ship glides like silk. Red tile […]

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