Month: June 2022

What’s in Your Suitcase? – Three Treasures to Pack and Three Attitudes to Leave Behind

Do you go on vacation with more than just what’s in your suitcase? This week you’ll find me at Today it’s my privilege to be Jeannie’s guest blogger. My post, What’s in Your Suitcase? Three Treasures to Pack and Three Attitudes to Leave Behind, may help you decide what is really worth packing. I […]

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Who Knew When We Said “I do?”

My father-in-law used to shake his head and say with a bemused look on his face, “Who knew that someday…,” then he’d finish the sentence with something particular from that season of life. Honestly, it kind of irritated me. Like, what did you expect?  Did you think you would always be 25?  Or, didn’t you […]

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Is God Unjust?

This year as Father’s Day approaches I am so aware of the attack on the family, on the role of Fathers, and disengagement and disrespect placed on family in society.  It’s complicated by personal stories within family units which may portray completely different experiences. Adult siblings from the same family may grow up with such […]

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hand holding a scorpion

What Will You Find In the Darkest Tightest Folds of Your Soul? 

When my husband and I travelled to visit-and hopefully encourage-global workers around the world, I confess, some countries got more prayer than others. The prayers usually had to do more with the creatures than the people. Some of those countries came with how-to instructions.  “Always shake out your clothes before you put them on.” “Make […]

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Defining Peace When We Have None

If you have been disturbed by current events, you aren’t alone.  We’ve had weeks of images difficult to forget. Wouldn’t it be so nice to turn on the TV and find the world at peace, evil conquered, calm and safety reigning? Don’t we all wish to erase forever the heartbreak of endless sorrow? Together we […]

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