Month: March 2019

Delight and Desire

Fire darted from blue eyes. “I don’t want to go.” White ruffles flounced around her squirming legs as we clicked the strap into her car seat. She crossed her arms, defiant. A frown like an angry arc puckered her lips. “Already,” I thought? “She’s only four.” For the Psalmist, the long process of a once-a-year […]

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How can we encourage our children’s honest questions but discourage disrespect, criticizing, and argument?

The Art of Talking Back

One of my daughters, might have had the advantage of most lawyers at age two. By the time she turned ten, she could befuddle my brain to the place where not only did I forget the point of my argument, I couldn’t even remember for which side I fought. As parents we did our best […]

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