Month: February 2024

Was It All A Waste?

It broke my heart and stole my resolve.  As a writer, rejects come. It’s kind of part of the whole deal, it happens and though difficult, it usually helps me grow. But this email rejection bit like dog’s teeth into the fabric of my being. It wouldn’t let me go.  I’d labored hours upon hours, […]

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We’ve Got Each Other

“Was it Ross?” “No that’s not right,” he shook his head. “Richard?” “Maybe we ought to take some of that stuff they advertise on T.V.,” my husband mused when both of us together couldn’t come up with the name which was “on the tip of our tongues.” “What stuff?” I asked. “Oh, you know those […]

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Who Holds Your Heart?

One of our teenaged granddaughters spent a few days with us recently. She came loaded with gift cards she’d received from Christmas. We spent a day  shopping and she had a day of bliss. But even with a store full of a teen’s heart’s desires, the math had to be figured. How much of the […]

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