Month: October 2018

Can my prayer reach his suffering?

He sat alone at the table, palms pressed together like hands praying, shoulders hunched, and chin resting on the tips of his fingers. He stared into space a million galaxies away. Together since kids, bonded in marriage, and hammered in trial, we faced grief like two strangers on a separate road. In that poignant poise, […]

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Banana Stickers and Big Questions

Charity bounced into the kitchen. Two braids swung behind her. Her black Italian school uniform covered mismatched pants and shirt. The hidden kaleidoscope of colors was her way of nose-thumbing against the system’s imposed social equality. It was hard to stand out in a standardized sea of black robed children. But not our child. Oh […]

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6 Questions to Ask before you Click 

“Think on these things” Without thinking I click praying hands. My heart goes out to the family’s post. Their picture and plea sit at the top of my feed. It’s been a rough year. I send a little virtual spirituality their way, and offer a quick Facebook prayer.  1. “…whatever is true…” I’m already four […]

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