Month: September 2021

Becoming is a Journey

From the back of the car, three kids sang with megaphone voices.  “Do everything without complaining, do everything without arguing, so that you will become blameless and pure, children of God.”  Ah yes, I loved teaching my children Scripture songs because they needed them so much.  Blonde heads swayed right and left along with the […]

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Grandparents Day And The Grandparent I Never Knew

“Gamma!” my little grandson shouts. He begins his own personal happy dance with one chubby knee up first, then a big hop on one leg and a galloping pivot that nearly knocks him flat.  Those seconds his face lights up with that wide welcome smile makes me want to turn, go out and come in […]

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Kinda Like God Who Sees All We Do 

My youngest grandchild has begun to climb out of his crib with his mattress as low as possible while wearing his sleep sack. It’s a feat. The security camera recording shows his formidable skills forward, backward, slow motion and fast. He just sort of vaults and swings. And bingo, he is over. Quite remarkable, really. […]

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