When Tarzan Married Penelope

What if Tarzan hadn’t married Jane, the tree swinger? What if Tarzan married Penelope who didn’t share the same desire to swing from a tree? What if she had no idea that people killed spiders with their bare hands and then thought it romantic to hold hands. Perhaps she couldn’t fathom killing a creepy-crawly without […]

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The disabled can be mothers too.

I don’t want them to have a mother like me

“I don’t want them to have a mother like me,” my daughter said. I sat in a heap, shoulders bent, my right side propped against the hospital bed. The children were always on her mind when thought processes were not drugged by the mass on her brain stem, or the drip in her arm, and […]

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That’s What Moms Do

I lay on the couch, one eye open and one shut. An ice cube wrapped inside a damp washcloth balanced on my eyebrow. “I weally sorry, Momma,” he said. His face was level with mine, his eye brows bent into a frown. He peered into my face and focused on my wound. He stood so […]

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I'm such a sinner

Mom, I’m such a sinner

The door opened with a bang against my front hall. “Mom!” Something was wrong. My heart revved like a racecar. I wiped wet hands against my apron and hurried to meet my daughter, home from third grade. Charity fell into my arms, a melted puddle of tears. “I’m such a s-i-n-n-e-r!” She wailed. Sobs ripped […]

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Events swirled completely out of control.

Have You Opened the Door?

  “On Wednesday morning, the first rays of sun were peeking around the clouds,” my daughter Charity wrote. “I swung my legs over the edge of the bed. Strange dizziness clouded my mind. I have a fever, I thought. I must be getting sick. Objects around me seemed to move with each turn of my […]

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When Mom Called Me Sister

When Mom called me “Sis”

“Hey Sis,” she said to get my attention in the store. She was more than double my age with white hair. She looked like my grandma. “Mom,” I hissed, “don’t call me Sis,” I always wanted a sister. Sisters giggle with you when you are supposed to be asleep in bed. They share your clothes […]

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Momma is Jesus Here

Momma, Is Jesus Here?

“Momma,” he called from the dark bedroom. “Is Jesus here?” “Yes, Justin.” “Ok, don’t worry Mom, we just can’t see Him,” he shouted from his bed. I plopped down on the sofa, letting Justin’s words reverberate in the frayed edges of my mind. What he so blithely acknowledged and accepted I needed in every part […]

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Can a man be profitable to God?

If You Need Me, I’ll Call You

Sunshine bright with glory bathed our tiny backyard. Blue sky beckoned. Winter months had been long for our four-year-old son, and he was ready for play. “If you need me, I’ll call you,” he shouted a split second before the screen door banged behind him. Its echo slammed inside my head. I plopped down with […]

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Reading bedtimes stories to kids builds a family legacy

Building A Family Legacy One Bedtime Story At A Time

I was transported. Seriously. When our kids were small we always read a Bible story before they went to sleep. Sometimes we read different books first, but the last story they could always count on to be a true story from God’s Word. “Ok,” I’d transition, “that was a good story. Now we are going […]

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Jesus never meant it to end at the cross or even at the empty tomb

Easter Reboot

“Try rebooting,” my husband tells me.  It seems rebooting is the castor oil of ailing computers. It always gives me a gut ache, like I may never again see beyond the spinning wheel on my screen. I wonder if the disciples may have felt a bit like that after Jesus died.  The Easter holiday is […]

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