Month: June 2017


Japanese rubbish took over five years to hit our shores after an earthquake and tsunami  devastated Japan’s shores in 2011. Everything from house parts to car parts, about 20 million tons of it were carried across 4,500 miles of ocean. It took a while, but it eventually got here. Riding on that hunk of unmoored […]

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Recalibrating Life

Generations, like peanut butter and jelly, are layered lavishly one upon another at the tables. Like a train of blessing, bowls with steam rising and platters overflowing, pass from big hands to little. A chain of exclamations, deep voices and little ones rise higher and higher in decibel. Stories and laughter richer than creamed gravy […]

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Get Me Out Of Here

Back in the day when “missionary” brought to mind pith helmets for the men and polyester ruffles for the women, my husband and I took three little girls away from their grandparents and everything they knew to Italy. The term carried with it good-byes like “see you in about four years.” Going overseas was a […]

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