Month: January 2024

How Balanced Are You?

Balance. It’s a thing.  She toddles toward me, hands outstretched. My eyes are wide, excited and inviting, “Come on,” I urge with a half whisper. A foot lifts, and then another. A wobbly sort of drunken-sailor-tilt, propels her miniature body. A little too far to one side and then the other, she comes closer. And […]

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Grandma and Grandson measuring height.

How Mature Are You?

“Who do you want to be when you grow up?” I used to ask our kids. I liked to hear all the ideas. Their aspirations swung wildly. Everything had its season, from astronaut on Mars, to archeologist digging up dinosaurs.   Who do you want to be when you grow up? Oh, so you think […]

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Can God’s Children Trust God’s Gifts?

How is it that a man who hates shopping finds some unexplainable driving challenge in riffling through one bottomless brown bin after another?  I watch the man I thought I knew so well, bent over a mountain of boxes. My husband flips and tosses them as if his life depends on it. The unadorned piles […]

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What does satisfaction look like to you?

“That was so satisfying,” my grandson said. Surprised, I wondered, “Where did that came from?”   He had just fished out a slippery shard of thin ice from a puddle. It lay  shattered like glass where he’d thrown it. Red-cheeked and half-frozen, he beamed with pleasure.  The statement sounded funny from the lips of a […]

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2024 is Ready, Are You?

A much younger me studied the face that stared back from the mirror.   Outside of the bathroom, where I’d taken refuge, a squalling hurricane had erupted. My toddler daughter banged her fist on the door and screamed in an epic meltdown. And with a deep breath, I looked into my own troubled eyes.  “Who […]

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