Month: October 2021

The Prayer Stump

My husband chiseled out what he calls a prayer stump from the trunk of a fallen tree. Its back behind our house where he is hidden from human eyes. It’s an uncomfortable seat, an earthly throne of sorts, where he brings our children and grandchildren to a much higher and greater Throne.  I do the […]

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Do You Like Me?

“Do you like me?” the elder three-year-old asked his little brother.  He rolled onto his side and hugged the little body of his two-year-old brother lying beside him.  In a world of Facebook, Instagram, TicTok, YouTube and a myriad of other online communities, it’s a very important question. Do you like me? We are a […]

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Bitter Roots

I yanked and pulled until the weed snapped, its root still intact like a vein under the skin of the earth. I’m not a great gardener. I might even be a lousy gardener. Roots like those, with their centipede hairy tributaries put me out. It is their fault. They are my bitter roots.  “Pursue peace […]

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