Month: November 2018

It is Good to Give Thanks

“I’ll still be here,” he whispered as he climbed back into bed next to me. The sun still slept outside the dark window. Chill replaced the warmth of good-bye hugs, of little arms around my neck, of wet kisses on my cheek. The car door’s final bang echoed in my ears. Like hundreds of times […]

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Train Up A Child

In the small town where I grew up, “turning out” was a big deal. A person turned out right when they got a steady job, got married, had a family, and stayed in the same church in which they were raised. It was the formula hovering over each parent, judging their success or failure. Nothing […]

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How One Honest Admission invited a Myriad of Support

“So far so good,” I text to a friend when asked how my husband is doing after surgery.  The crazy thing is he may be doing ok, but, I am so far from so good.  It is a terrifying ride for me, like the roller coaster of our daughter’s health spiral years past all over […]

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