Month: February 2018

Every day has at least one perfect moment.

That One Perfect Moment Will Rescue Us Today

The sun streams through trees, dappling its light across the deck. Its brightness bathes my upturned face in warmth. I sigh, and the sound is a whisper of praise. It is a perfect moment, and I drink it in slowly, savoring its pleasure. Every day has at least one perfect moment. But sometimes they are hard […]

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Whatever Makes My Child Happy is Not the Right Answer

“The things I do for my kids,” I thought with a half eaten Big Mac in one gloved hand, and piece of wilted lettuce in the other. “But this tops them all.” I stood on a stool leaning into a food court’s garbage bin. I was not happy! Somewhere in either my bin or the one […]

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Will You Still Know Me

“The doctor will just take this itty-bitty part,” my finger taps my daughter’s birthmark. I wear an intentional mask of cheerful confidence. “It won’t take long and it will be all over,” I say with a nod of assurance. My six-year-old Heidi’s eyes are fixed, worried on that brown blotch. Her outstretched arm holds still […]

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I find myself this Valentine’s Day grateful to have known heroes who love with the example of Christ. I am thankful for Heroes who define costly love different from cheap facsimiles. I am honored to know Heroes who go where Christ is not known, heroes who muck through what’s difficult now for something much greater to come and heroes who live with a focus beyond what is seen.

Loving My Heroes

“Hi Beautiful,” he says from the doorway of her hospital room. He is slightly out of breath from hurrying, from untangling little arms squeezed around his neck, and giving the baby a bottle. He unslings the computer bag from around his shoulder, hoists it over his head and drops it onto a chair pulled up […]

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So excited to get the book 936 Pennies written by my friend Eryn Haleigh Lynum.

With 936 Weeks To Raise Our Kids, Maybe Parenting Isn’t About The Big Things

[I’m excited to introduce my guest contributor today. Eryn Lynum is a friend and author of 936 Pennies, Discovering the Joy of Intentional Parenting. Her book available today is engaging, honest and full of encouragement for every mom in the trenches. -Sylvia] We were three weeks into a month-long road trip with our three young […]

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