Month: July 2019

You Don’t Want to Tear Down That Wall

“First,” my husband said listening to my remodeling ideas, “I need to see if it’s a load bearing wall.”  My face fell like a house made of cards. In the back of my mind, from the day we purchased this house, I had envisioned our bedroom with a wall removed to double its size and […]

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What’s Hiding in the Window of your Soul?

Recently our family, kids, spouses and grandkids got together at an airbnb for  three days of togetherness. It took the form of lots of games, food, and hours of conversation. Kids ran through the house dripping wet, mothers counted them, and everyone ate too much.  A hubbub, enough to get my attention in spite of […]

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Without Apologies

I stood before my mini-version. Blonde hair curled at the shoulders, bright blue eyes sparkled, and a pleased smile lighted her face. Behind her on the wall splashed brilliant colors in what undoubtedly could hang as a Picasso in an art gallery, but instead it splashed all over my living room wall. She was that […]

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