Month: May 2019

Clouds over the Lugurian Sea hide the mountains behind.

When Clouds Hide the View 

I’m a cloudy kind of person. Sometimes something in my soul shuts out the light and then the cloud passes and suddenly it’s as if the glory of the sun explodes inside of me and everything is brilliant again. Gloom is part of my life, shadowy and rainy. But so is brightness. The clouds at […]

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BC and AD of Charity

[I’m excited to have my daughter Charity as the guest contributor for today’s post.] I tend to separate my life into BC (before Charity’s illness)  and AD (After the Destruction) of Charity’s physical body. Those categories can also stand for Before Children and After Daughters.  You see, being involved in Early Childhood I had very […]

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leavening the whole lump

Leavening the Whole Lump

Flour frosted the kitchen like snow. A flour bin, a half-empty bottle of vegetable oil, and baking pans fought for territory on my counter. Little fingers thick with dough punched and kneaded gooey mounds. Lined up, varying heights on chairs and stools, three children made a ragged profile of chattering bakers. “Pooooof,” the littlest voice […]

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Where Do the Prayers of a Mom Go?

“No rest for the weary,” mom sighed. She bent down to pick up muddy boots and move them off the kitchen floor where they lay on their rubber sides, shells without spirits. She carried them out the back door and set them outside on cement steps marked by clumps of wet dirt.  We cook, clean, […]

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