Month: March 2020

selling our house on covid-Friday the 13th

It’s An Odd Time in the Fog of Covid-19

It’s an odd time to sell a house. It’s an odd time to move. It’s an odd time. Boxes scatter the floor and emptiness echoes off the walls of the only house we’ve ever owned. Outside a For Sale sign hangs. The Sold sign never got put up because these days only what must be […]

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Unsettled Times

I don’t know about you, momma, daddy, grandmama, and granddad, but the last few weeks have fogged my brain and tattered my thinking. If today could be superimposed like tracing paper over the outline of one week ago, we would all stare and wonder what happened to life as we knew it.  If we put […]

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But What if God Doesn’t Do What I Ask?

How is your, “But even if He does not” faith? My husband, Phil, and I have been reading some of those New Testament verses that beg childlike faith. Verses like, “if you ask me anything in my name, I will do it,” John 14:14 (ESV) and “so that whatever you ask the Father in my […]

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It’s Time to Grow Up

My husband and I stayed in a motel in Nashville two nights before a tornado ripped through the area. We watched the destruction on television and wondered at the fact that we were just there, in its path. We marveled at our last minute decision to come home two days earlier than planned. A few […]

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