Month: January 2018

The expression of the love of a father for his child fills me with longing. I find myself at times taking the love of Jesus, fundamental to my faith, for granted. I forget its prominence, and I don’t feel its permanence

The Father That Loves Me

A fistful of trousers yanks in my grandson’s little hand. “Dadda,” he urges. His little face is upturned. Longing and hope fix his expression. My grandson expects response. After all, this is his personal father, the one that belongs only to him, apart from all the other fathers in the room. My son looks down […]

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Stepping Forward With God

I’ve never been one to jump with two feet into a new year. I don’t even take giant steps boldly into the future. Let me tip toe into it with baby steps, slightly fearful and hopeful not to awaken a giant of bad luck. And, I don’t even believe in luck. But, as confident as […]

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The No. 1 Way to Resolve Your Insecurities

Sometimes I’m Leah and sometimes I’m Rachel. Sometimes I soar confidently, secure in my position and exhilarated by life. Sometimes I sink in a mire of insecurity and doubt. Sometimes I feel wrapped in layers of love, but other times I chase love like a never-ending marathon. Sometimes I am content, other times never satisfied. […]

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What to do with your New Year’s False Start

They called it the 50 yard dash. I was introduced to it at recess in first grade. I knew I was bad before anyone told me, in fact maybe that’s why I was so pitiful. I knew when we lined our toes up against the chalk edge on brown Kansas soil I’d be last. From […]

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Is God Still Good When…?

I trace my finger over the outline of her baby portrait. Dated and a bit color-bleached, I gaze at my daughter’s sweetness staring at me from behind the glassed frame. I mark her wide eyes, button nose, and tendrils of hair. I follow the curve of her smile and caress her face. A tear drops […]

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