Month: May 2022

women gathered around a friend to pray for her

To Share or Not to Share 

Have you ever wondered what to share, how to share or even if you should share something? I have.   We see this paradox in Asaph. He authored Psalm 73 with a conflicted heart. He admits to being in a slippery spot in his faith. What he saw in the lives of others made him […]

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Baby Blue Birds in their dark nest

Are You Afraid of the Dark? 

Ah, Spring. You’ve been a long time coming.  The day was perfect as I walked the neighborhood. The depth of the sky’s blue called me. Azaleas bloomed in vibrant bush bouquets. Every bird’s choral rendition opened to their unique song page. Bright shades of green burst all around.  I walked and prayed, my senses overwhelmed. […]

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rhododendron flowering bud

How Good Do You Think God Really Is? 

Between believers, a high-five of “God is good,” covers a lot of ground. It is inspired by a happy outcome, good grade at school or maybe a really good deal on a new pair of shoes. How content I am with a certain situation might reveal  how good I think God really is.  “God is […]

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mother holding child in lap

Growing Up To Be Mom

Little hands on mighty hips, my seven-year-old face-offed with her teacher. The innocent question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” torched the classroom. It seems out of the entire class only my daughter thought the response, “I want to be a Mom,” worth defending.  Like a ninja warrior.  I’m afraid the […]

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