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 Does God Hear Me? 

My blender is revving up with its loud whir when the door bangs open and my grandson runs in from outdoors.  He puts on the brakes barely past the threshold, stops, and covers his ears. I see terror in his big blue eyes and quickly turn to find the little button to stop the loud […]

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Sometimes There’s Creep

It wasn’t unusual to hear our house creak, but the distinct soft footsteps on the staircase made my scalp tingle. I stood quietly inside my bedroom on the second floor, then creeped to the door and carefully put my hand to the knob. I held my breath and listened.  Was it just the house settling, […]

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6 Days to Christmas: Truth

There is a whole lot of happenings that go before the birth of a baby. My soon-to-be-born grandson’s nursery took shape with a coat of paint, a baby bed, changing table, and rocking chair. His drawers were full of soft clothes, diapers, and ointments. It was a room needing a baby. Before Jesus’ death, He […]

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