That Time

It may be that Christmases have sped up, maybe they really do come more often, or possibly it’s time warp of aging, but it is that time of the year again. I have a billion things to do, and in the vast scheme of things, most of them are insignificant. Time moves ahead regardless of the cookies baked, the decorations in place or the gifts bought. I know this because I’ve had a Christmas on hold in my life, one with hours on the hospital ward of no hope, where the clock ticked slowly while we waited, and Christmas still came and went.

This time of year is a good time to remember God created time, He holds it and He moves it for His purposes.

“And it came to pass.” Time is elusive, intangible and precious, “that there went out a decree from Caesar Augustus…”

It was a long time from the beginning of time to the fulfillment, the promise of a Savior and a baby in a manger. Rulers rose to power and lost kingdoms. People loved and laughed. They suffered, died and gave way to new generations. The hourglass bled years of conflict and strife until a cosmic coming together of events of history.

A virgin carried a son whose Father was God, shepherds dwelt on hillsides and watched their flocks in the cold night air, and an old man Simeon and a widow Anna waited in the temple for a Messiah.

In God’s economy of time there is no “too late,” or “too long” or “too far away.” His answers to life’s circumstances are in His control, under His decree. And, they are precise.

“So it was that while they were there the days were accomplished that she should be delivered.”

Although layers of history passed, He came right on time. He always does. He always will.

Christmas will come and it will go. We hold dear this season in part because by it we mark time together, time apart, distance between and distance from. It may look exactly as you planned, or it may look like a disaster, more like a young mother giving birth in a stable, or a new born baby in a feeding trough. But if Christ is forgotten in our scurried slice called life, then Christmas has passed us up.

Step back a moment with me and ponder with awe, the Infinite made finite, the Eternal robed in flesh, and rejoice for good news and great joy has come for all people.

“There is born this day in the city of David a King.” Merry Christmas everyone.

(Portions of Scripture from Luke 2, KJV)


8 Replies

  1. Marilyn Krehbiel Reply

    Praying your time will be filled with precious moment with out SAVIOR during these ‘busy’ days!!!!

    • Sylvia Schroeder Reply

      And yours as well!

  2. Marilyn Krehbiel Reply

    Praying your time will be filled with precious moment with out SAVIOR during these ‘busy’ days!!!!

  3. Rebecca Thesman Reply

    I love the reminder that he came right on time. Believing he will do that again.

  4. Jill Reply

    Lovely reminder to savor the gift of the season!