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What Offends God?

I don’t often sit around begrudging my past. Shoot, it’s difficult to remember what happened yesterday, but I admit, there are some offenses that are more difficult to forget than others.  Not offending others has become a national preoccupation.  We are vigilant about what we say, how we say it, and whether or not someone […]

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burned out Christmas lights

Our Fancy Aluminum Tree 

I grew up with a silver aluminum tree. There will be those who respond to that fact with pity. There will be others for whom an indescribable nostalgia sweeps through from head to toe. Ours was a fancy tree with a turning color wheel at its base. I thought it to be the most beautiful […]

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What Are You Wearing Today? 

My husband wakes up every morning and makes a decision. “What class clothing is this day?” What he does during the day determines what he wears. When he used to go into an office, the decision was simple. First class clothes came out of the closet. Now the projects he’s planned for the day require […]

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