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Grandsons, Scooters, and Laying Down the Law

“Put me in jail, put me in jail,” our six year-old grandson shouted. “Put me in jail, Gramma,” The boy’s scooters whizzed by, daring me to move out of the way, challenging me to capture little law-breakers with their laughing taunts and haul them into garage jail. They were doing just great whizzing by until […]

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The Best Kind Of Love

His little fingers dripped with orange greasy pizza oil and stuck together with chocolate fudge-vanilla. I checked his face and found it wreathed with those same streaks of orange and black.  Quickly I stretched across the table, searching for a napkin to wipe his mess before it migrated to my jacket. But before I found […]

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What does satisfaction look like to you?

“That was so satisfying,” my grandson said. Surprised, I wondered, “Where did that came from?”   He had just fished out a slippery shard of thin ice from a puddle. It lay  shattered like glass where he’d thrown it. Red-cheeked and half-frozen, he beamed with pleasure.  The statement sounded funny from the lips of a […]

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How Do You See People?

I tilt my head a bit to look for myself in his stick figure drawing. I wonder is this truly how he sees me? He waits. “Is that me?” I ask.  Pen in hand, like Picasso, he nods. Proudly. Seriously.  I resist the “looks just like me,” response and go for the, “that’s so good!” […]

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mother with children on a farm

Prayer Leaves An Eternal Legacy

On the farm, after dark meant black. The only light, other than the stars, shone from a tall pole smack in the middle of the yard. I ran from the gray shed to the house like lightening, splitting through the yellow sphere of yard light. Chased by the unknown, I tore past shadows beyond the […]

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Sometimes There’s Creep

It wasn’t unusual to hear our house creak, but the distinct soft footsteps on the staircase made my scalp tingle. I stood quietly inside my bedroom on the second floor, then creeped to the door and carefully put my hand to the knob. I held my breath and listened.  Was it just the house settling, […]

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