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You Are Not Invisible to God

I heard the bang of a metal door next to me before I leaned down for that “underneath” the gas-station-bathroom-stall search. In my bent over rectangular view, two thick-soled black shoes shuffled against the dirty tile floor. Their slow slide inched forward with obvious effort.   Once abreast of my stall door, they would block […]

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Boy leaning over wall into a pond. Pondering what are the chances he could fall in?

Pondering What Are The Chances?

This morning I chanced to look out my bedroom window. Water splashed up from the little “pond” in our back yard, as if a fish slapped its surface. A water feature which worked once upon a time before we moved here sits smack dab in the center. Now it is a nonfunctioning fountain of gross. […]

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 Does God Hear Me? 

My blender is revving up with its loud whir when the door bangs open and my grandson runs in from outdoors.  He puts on the brakes barely past the threshold, stops, and covers his ears. I see terror in his big blue eyes and quickly turn to find the little button to stop the loud […]

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