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The Best Kind Of Love

His little fingers dripped with orange greasy pizza oil and stuck together with chocolate fudge-vanilla. I checked his face and found it wreathed with those same streaks of orange and black.  Quickly I stretched across the table, searching for a napkin to wipe his mess before it migrated to my jacket. But before I found […]

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How Old Are You?

“How old are you?” my grandson asks again. It’s a regular question which I try to regularly dodge.  “How old do you think I am?” I ask back.  His little forehead wrinkles as his eyebrows draw together in concentration. His blue eyes size me up top to bottom and then bottom to top.  “Ninety?” he […]

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Are Your Eyes on the Right Goal?  

Lined up side by side, ready to take off, my grandson’s restraining arm shoots out across his little brother’s stomach.  “Go!” Big brother shouts. They take off across our grass. It’s a dubious race, one that counts on a certain seven-year-old against a five-year-old sibling pecking order. The course, established by the elder begins and […]

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