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Are You Barely Hanging On?

“Just hang on,” he told me.  I was at the wrong end of a washing machine stuck cattywampus in the stairwell half-way down to the basement. The heavy metal box towered above as I tried to hold it from sliding on top of me.  I did just as he said, I hung on.  I didn’t […]

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Finding Courage and Resolve When a Line In the Sand Demands It

If Humpty Dumpty and I sat down for a heart to heart, I think we’d find we have a lot in common. The first and most obvious is the state of our brokenness. The thing about the king’s horses and men unable to put us together again… yup. But I’m not so sure how Old […]

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Mother Reading to her four children.

Would You Rather Be a Bullfrog And Other Important Questions

“Would you rather be a bullfrog?” I ask my grandsons.  My finger dramatically lands on the big green bullfrog leaping across the left side of the page. The book with the same title, by Theo. LeSieg (better known as *Dr. Seuss,), lays open on my lap. I slide my finger to the right and I […]

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