Put It On Pause

My family drives one another crazy with the pause button on the TV remote. We pause to go to the bathroom, we pause to get something to eat, and we pause because someone didn’t catch on and we have to rehash what happened. The more family we have around, the longer it takes to watch anything. It can be a major accomplishment to get through a show.

Recently I’ve been challenged with the thought of “pause.” My husband has taken to a “pregnant pause” before he prays out loud. I get really antsy and nervous because he is quiet so long before he says anything, but when he does, it’s clear to Whom he is talking.

In the Psalms there is a little word that pops up a lot, seventy-one times to be exact. I am learning not to ignore it.

“Selah” was probably a musical direction, but its exact use is unknown. The Amplified Bible translates “Selah” as “pause, and think of that.” The word invites the reader to “put it on pause.”  Kind of like “soak it in.”

It is an action that I would like to add to my day.

  • Pause and soak in the Author before I open the pages of His book.
  • Pause and Soak in Who I’m talking to before I address the God of the Universe.
  • Pause and Soak in Who I’m singing about before I open my mouth in church.
  • Pause and Soak in wonder of His creation as I fly through the day.
  • Pause and Soak in the blessing of the people He connects me with today.

I tend to approach The Throne with the same hurried flippancy with which I juggle my life. I plunge without pause, without consideration of the magnitude of the One I’m addressing, or the Words He has left me. Such inattentiveness treats lightly His desire for intimate communion with me.

John reminds us in the New Testament that worship is an activity of the heart. “God is spirit, and those who worship him must worship in spirit and truth.” (John 4:24; ESV).

The Psalmist prays,“Open my eyes, that I may behold wondrous things out of your law,” a profound reminder that His Words are worthy of preparation and anticipation. (Psalm 119:18; ESV)

Paul instructs us to sing and make melody to the Lord with our hearts. (Ephesians 5:19;ESV). How often my lips form the words projected on the screen on Sunday morning, but my mind is elsewhere.

A pause gives time for my heart and mind to place God in His proper place, which then places me in my proper position before Him.

That is the place I want to be. What about you?

Selah. Pause and think of that.