Philip Schroeder

15 Days to Christmas: JESUS

Picking a baby’s name is a big deal. Seriously. Our third daughter was three days old before we agreed that Charity she would be for all eternity. Mary and Joseph didn’t have that dispute. To Joseph: “And she will bring forth a Son, and you shall call His name Jesus, for He will save His […]

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One of our Veterans is missing today

(My husband Phil writes about his father.) There were those who went before us to battle against a great evil in our world decades ago. There are fewer and fewer of those World War II veterans. Yesterday about 5:00 PM KC time one of those veterans went to “his eternal glory in Christ” (1 Peter […]

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Getting the Splinter Out

(guest blog by Philip Schroeder) I was cleaning out old wood. I’ve worked with wood and construction since my teens years and am fully aware what the smallest of splinters can do to my hands, even so, I usually prefer not to wear gloves. That said my hands are not nearly as toughened as they […]

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