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Is Your Life On Mission?

Tiny baby puffs of air caress my cheek. Her dark hair, fuzzy and soft, tickles against my neck. What can be sweeter than those barely heard snores and the soft breathing of an infant warm against my skin? A crazy little random jerk startles the peace of her sleep now and then, and I smile […]

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The Tipping Point

Life holds a succession of pivotal moments. They distinguish themselves with phrases like, “from now on,” “if I had it to do all over again, “never again,” or “I’ve made my decision.” But there are sacred tipping points too. I love to hear salvation stories, those unique testimonies of how Jesus found and chose, how […]

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Fake News, True God

Herod the Great ruled Jerusalem and its surrounding villages with cruelty  and deceit. His ruthless murders made him almost as famous as the magnificent building projects he instituted. During his reign, an entourage of distinguished travelers from the East came to Jerusalem. Their entrance into the massive doors of the city must have  created a […]

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