listen Sylvia Schroeder

Are You Listening?

Hot tiny hands warm both sides of my cheeks, smooth and just a little bit forceful. They pull my face upward from where I sit engrossed in my screen so our eyes are even. Hers, translucent blue like a sun-glinting lake, bright and sparkling, search intently. “Lift your face up and look at me,” she […]

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bella Sylvia Schroeder

Paralytically Speaking

If people would ask me how I feel about the event of my daughter’s paralyzation nine years ago, I might want to say a lot of things. One is that it makes me sad in waves of sorrow. Periods of time the waves are calm, others tempestuous. I am sorry I am sad. I feel […]

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politics-by-donkeyhotey-com Sylvia Schroeder

Politics and the Real Life

I confess. I yell at the TV. I’ve even thrown a pillow or two. Watching media news at our house looks much the same as watching a football game, albeit a very depressing one. Why watch you ask? It draws me like a mosquito to the zapper. I can’t help it. I react like a […]

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invisible-justin Sylvia Schroeder

Invisible Me

She knelt by the bed as if in prayer, the soles of her pajama footies upturned, her little body in plain sight. A blanket covered her head. In two-year-old logic, if she couldn’t see me, I couldn’t see her. I called out in sing-song question, “Where is Amee?” She quivered, excitement boiled inside her, invisible […]

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rosario Sylvia Schroeder


My perspective has been askew recently, I think. The airplane dips its wing to the right in a slow descent arc above Genoa, Italy. I lean forward and gaze through a tiny oblong window. Below a thick white outline divides where waves and shore meet. A sail bobs. A ship glides like silk. Red tile […]

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pauseit Sylvia Schroeder

Put It On Pause

My family drives one another crazy with the pause button on the TV remote. We pause to go to the bathroom, we pause to get something to eat, and we pause because someone didn’t catch on and we have to rehash what happened. The more family we have around, the longer it takes to watch […]

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IMG_2685 (1) Sylvia Schroeder

Do you have Holes in your net?

My net has holes. “While walking by the Sea of Galilee, He saw two brothers, Simon (who is called Peter) and Andrew his brother, casting a net into the sea, for they were fishermen.” Matt. 4:18 (ESV). Peter the fisherman, spent a lot of time repairing nets. It’s where Jesus first found him. It’s the […]

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woman on terrace Sylvia Schroeder

True love cares for the soul

My dad sang like Pavarotti, my mom accompanied him as if she could read his heart. Because they were so talented, we sang. A lot. Evenings we often gathered around the piano and harmonized. We reached heaven often, but dad, who had perfect pitch dropped us to earth just as frequently with, “You’re sharp on […]

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IMG_2156 Sylvia Schroeder

As a Father

As a Father “I can’t fix her,” ragged sobs shook the bed where we slept. For just a moment I thought I was home in Italy again where sometimes the earth trembled, but then I recognized the source of the tremors. Raw waves of terror rose from the core of my husband, the doctor, the […]

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IMG_0049 Sylvia Schroeder

Check Your Words At The Door

Check Your Words at the Door, Please  “…From the same mouth come blessing and cursing, My brothers, these things ought not to be so.” James 3:10 (ESV) I remember the gagging rancidity of soap on my tongue. I can’t recall the words I’d muttered, or perhaps it had to do with the way those words […]

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